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It's in all of us

It's always been somewhat difficult to explain to those who haven't yet fully concentrated on it - due to time constraints, or other pressures, this artistic phenomenon known as the creative process; that there is that special zone - a full force focus, an intensity of thought and ideas that pours through you when you allow it to flow. Hopefully we can successfully capture what we are experiencing on a note pad, laptop, canvas or a photographic sensor - or whatever medium you are using. This is primarily and most importantly why creatives do what we do. We love that creative intensity. Everything else is more or less secondary - eating, sleeping, receiving recognition, even getting paid (although I personally am extremely happy when this happens). It's getting into that creative zone - where nothing else matters, where we are fully engaged and producing spectacular results that satisfies the hunger within.

For me photographing a child playing with a new toy, or rain drops on a leaf or wolves up close - or writing, takes me there as long as I'm not rushed or following too strict an editorial guideline. In fact, I cannot get enough of this intensity of creative energy. Even the subject matter is sometimes secondary.

Often our lives are so busy at home or work or pursuing money that we cannot fit this creative side in well, or forget we have this amazing source within us - and each and every one of us has it. We therefore often don't produce much we really truly care about. But when we do find and utilize this powerful source inside us, we can move towards creating something great. Often it drains us, but that is part of the process and should help lead to great satisfaction and other pay-offs - like inspiration to others for example.

The world needs much, much more creativity and time and patience and perseverance for this creativity to mature.

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